Week Five: Losing Friends

Since the program started Ive been talking about everything weve dicussed in class with my close group of friends. This week I tried to focus on religion and sparks flew. I never knew some of my friends were so passionate about their religion. We are a group of 8 with a mix of different sects of Christianity and me, a nonbeliever, so naturally there were disagreements. I brought up the idea of how all religions could coexist if we could all just get along and the unexpected happened. Instead of agreeing with me they had polar opposite opinions; they believed their sect was correct that everyone else was wrong. It was a shouting match for like 5 minutes but after the dust settled it was agreed that I stop bringing up controversial conversations. I have a feeling they put up this wall due to the sensitivity of the topic but I hope I will still be able to use them as my test dummies.


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