Week Nine: Trophy Husband

I have recently entered romantic relations with a woman, Holly, who is much older than me; she is 29 while I am 21. After seeing each other for about 2 months, this past weekend, I invited her to come to a vineyard with me upstate. My parents, very insistently, invited themselves to our affair so the day actually became a double date. It all went well and we had a good time but after I dropped her at the train station and had a chance to recap the day with my parents privately I was very suprised at their reactions.

Holly is the granddaughter of the founder of FedEx and is set to earn a big inheritance upon his death. My parents didnt make a big deal out of it when we first mentioned it to them but privately my parents put alot more emphasis on the financial benefits of seeing her. My father especially, who just so happens to make a fraction of what my mom brings home, made it clear that I should “knock her up quick” and cash out on this opportunity. They were so supportive of me giving away my youth to start my life with this woman just because the financial stability that it was actually alarming. I asked them how they would feel if my sister were to do the same and Ive never seen someone do a 180 so quickly. My dad was appauled at the idea of my sister being a trophy wife while he was more than reccomending me to choose that path myself.

Not sure how to describe this situation but I can definitely see that being a man, at least in my family, made it more acceptable to be this “trophy husband” while my sister would be condemned for even thinking about dating an older man.



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