Week One: Reflection

This weekend my suitemates and I hosted a Super Bowl party. The people who were in attendance, about 14 in total, were racially diverse; the majority were black but all shades and colors were represented. Wings were served in an open buffet style and it was pretty much an all out free for all. After the food was gone I began to notice that what was once a mixed party became seperate gatherings in the different rooms of my suite. This happens most of the time when we celebrate things but what happened this time really made me take a pause.

      I went to smoke a cigarette with my asian friend; we just lit up on our balcony instead of going downstairs. At this point all of the people in the main suite, which was in view from the balcony, were black. This friend, who I have known since freshman year,exposed to me for the first time that he has racist feelings; he was making a spew of racist comments that were suppose to amuse me. This was an experience I have faced before but for it to happen with this friend who I never had an inkling of knowning he had any racist feelings really took me back. I then remembered when Judy was saying in the retreat that sometimes people will let you in on their secret feelings once they become comfortable. I think this is the scariest realization because its almost as if people can act just to put on a show but in reality still hold ill feelings; I think its comparable to how my own parents support the LBGT community and accept my gay uncle, but also make it clear that I am not a part of that community.

      Overall, I think this class will be an amazing experience and I look forward to the discussions to come.


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