Week Seven: Beauty – a social identity?

Over this break I have had the opportunity to discuss the topics in class with my family and friends from high school; the discussion went great and I’m glad they were more willing to have a conversation than those at college. 

One topic that almost all those I talked with was beauty and whether or not you could consider it a social identity. They made the argument that it’s something that greatly affects you socially and your experience is crossed with the other social identifiers.

To say this would mean there was an objective hierarchy in attractiveness, something not many are willing to agree with, as beauty is in the eye of beholder. That said, I think we can agree that there are certain attributes society has deemed as more attractive than others and possession of these attributes makes the person beautiful.

This intrinsic quality, attained through winning a genetic lottery, effects us all; those lucky few are elevated in status and can overcome the negatives of their other social identifiers while those who society deems “ugly” are faced with yet another obstacle to overcome.

Hope no ones gets offended and I hope you offer your opinions


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