Week Six: Rape and Abortion

Week Six: Rape and Abortion

Discussing relationships with my group of friends, we came to the topic of pregnancy. My friends, while agreeing that woman should have the right to have an abortion, believed the man should have some say in the matter. They said that in both cases, where the man wants to keep the baby and the woman wants an abortion and vice versa, the man should have atleast some say. I countered their argument with the fact that the woman is the one who sacrifices 9 months of her life to deliver so the decision to keep the baby should ultimately be hers.

They responded with something that really got me thinking. In the case where the woman wants the baby while the man does not, should the man be legally responsible to provide for the child emotionally/financially?

Havent really made up my mind on the subject so I was curious about your thoughts


Another topic we discussed is the way men are viewed when accused of rape. We have two aquaintances here at SBU that have had rape charges brought up against them that were later dropped when the accuser addmitted to the false aqcusation. Had these “victims” not admitted to their fallacies it could have very well meant that innocent men would have been sent to jail with the only evidence being the first hand account of the accuser. While we all acknowledge that this is not the most common occurence, it does happen (http://jonathanturley.org/2013/08/20/virginia-woman-falsely-accuses-man-of-rape-and-sends-him-away-for-four-years-before-recanting-given-just-60-days-in-jail-to-be-served-on-weekends/).

So heres my question to you guys, do you think that it is fair for a man to be jailed for rape without any forensic evidence?

Disclaimer: I realize this is a sensitive topic so my apologies if anything triggers or offends you



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