Week Ten: Too Much Pride?

As Ive mentioned before, I live with a pretty diverse group of people. We all have our ethnic flags up in our respective rooms and we are collectively pridefully of our roots.

We had some friends over and one of them mentioned that they dont like the fact that people were so prideful of their countries as it was exclusionary; this really got me thinking. Is pride in ones country inherently saying you are better than everyone else? I can now see how it could come off that way and wouldnt want my pride to have such a connotation

I saw this happen during the punchout that happened this past saturday. It was latin weekend so naturally most of those in attendance were hispanic but there were quite a few black and white people in the line while I was waiting to pay. As the line got shorter I noticed that while the hispanic and black party goers were let in without hassle, almost all of the white students were either not allowed in or were charged double at the door. This type of exclusion is precisely why I personally dont like sticking to my own racial group like many choose to do. While I can understand that being surround by those who you have so much in common with is comfortable and secure, I dont like how it creates a wall and divide between cultures which typically, but of course not always, ends with resentment coming from both sides.

I appreciate my friend for giving me this insight and I shall be taking down my Puerto Rican flag and it shall be replaced with an American one, something we can all be proud to call ourselves.



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