Week Three: “Wait, Im white?”

This weeks discussion of privilege was definitely much more of a learning experience than our other meetings; while I have heard of privelege before I was not well versed on the matter so I had to do a little bit of listening before being able to contribute anything of value to the conversation. Nonetheless,  Ive made some realizations and now looking at it I benefit from far more priveleges than I anticipated.

First of all, I think all of us are priveleged by having access to an education. Regardless of our personal situations, just the fact that we can be apart of this program and attend this university makes us better off than most.

I also benefit from the color of my skin, which I learned from an early age; going out with my mother, who is dark skinned, and my father, who is light skinned, were two very different experiences. While I was aware of this privelege, I never really considered myself part of the white community. Even so, I cant deny the benefits I recieve due to my complextion.

While these priveleges are more obvious, I think the privelege of being an able bodied male is something that I take for granted. When we watched the video about the things those with disabilities have to deal with there were things I expected but somethings, like getting in and out of bed or using the bathroom, were situations I never even considered to be a problem. The same goes for the video of the matriarchal society; while I expected the rape scene (which is actually sad if you think about it), I didnt expect the cat calls to be so prevalent


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